Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Introduction


This is my diary to chronicle my job search for a database administrator position. I don't expect much readership as I hope to stay as anonymous as possible. Still, if you happen upon this little diary of mine and like the scribblings that I leave here don't be afraid to comment. As for the content of this blog I will try to update at semi regularly about what positions companies I have applied to, their response if any, and a little bit about the persons that I encounter along this strange journey of hunting perhaps the most elusive prey in our current times. This will also be the place where I vent about the process so expect sarcasm and cynicism. I will try to keep it clean.

I guess I should divulge a little information about myself. I am a thirty something job seeker who has two degrees. I recently graduated with a degree in information systems with a specialization in database management. I am trying to break into the field but as a job seeker without experience outside the classroom, I finding it frustrating which is the whole purpose of this diary. I do have work experience outside the field though. I have another degree in a wholly different field which I will not divulge since the combination would be quite unique I think. I am currently working a job again in another field but I am looking to break into the database management field. I am thankful for the steady paycheck but I want to move on to bigger and better things. Not to mention the better pay.

Well, that is my little introduction. Though again, I doubt that anybody but myself will actually read this.


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