Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 3

Not much going on in the past two days. Work has been pretty taxing and I have been trying to burn off the holiday poundage. I haven't heard any news good or bad since Monday. They say no news is good news but I believe that in this game, no news means HR just doesn't care about you. I was able to apply for a couple jobs in between though. Today, I looked at the Carolinas. Charlotte and Raleigh usually have about 10 new jobs popping up each week that are in the general category for which I am seeking employment. Yesterday, was a trip through the mid south and great lakes region. Usually not much popping up there but Cincy and Cleveland have jobs that I can apply for pop up about every two weeks or so.

Oddly, enough I found a job posted today in West Virginia that was looking for someone to relocate to Green Bay, WI. I found that pretty odd as the job was not posted in Wisconsin the last time. Very odd that it would be placed in an area that doesn't see much movement when it comes to database administration. I applied for as the ad said that they would provide relocation if hired. There are worse places to be I guess then Green Bay. I really can't be that picky at this point as the existence of this blog shows.

I have decided that I will post my rejection letter I received on Monday. Of course, I will blank out any incriminating information. I will also my thoughts and comments on it. Suffice to say I am not to pleased with the company that sent it to me and would be wary to ever waste my time applying for one of their positions again.

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